Please contact us if you still have a question!

1.  What is the cost of the program?  There is an application fee of $40, as well as a $250 materials/insurance fee.  The monthly tuition is $250.

2. How many children are in the program?  The maximum class size is 14.

3.  How many adults will be in the classroom?  There will be 3 adults each day; a lead teacher and two parent volunteers.

3. How often do I volunteer in the classroom? With full enrollment, you will volunteer, on average, 2 days a month.

4.  I have a younger child.  Can I bring her along on my volunteer days? Yes, tag-a-longs are welcome on your volunteer days.  We have a limited number of tag-a-long spots.

5.  Does the program provide snacks and lunch?  Together with children who are interested, we will prepare a seasonal snack each morning, with nourishing, whole foods. We may have smoothies, rice and veggies, soup, or porridge.

You will need to send lunch with your child.

6.  What does a typical day look like?  Rhythm is a very important part of our program.  Our daily rhythm looks like this:

8:55-9:00  Children arrive and gather outside

9:00  Parent goodbye circle

9:05-9:50  Snack preparation, crafts/activities, free play

9:50-10:00 Clean-up

10:00-10:20  Circle Time

10:20-10:30  Bathroom/Hand Washing

10:30-10:50  Snack time

10:50-11:00  Classroom chores

11:00-12:00  Outside play/Gardening:  come prepared, we play in all weather!

12:00-12:10  Bathroom/Hand Washing

12:10-12:35  Lunch

12: 35-12:50  Story time

12:50-1:00  Closing Circle/Outside play

1:00  Pick-up


2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Melissa Kale says:

    I know we missed the Open House as were out of town. Is enrollment full for next year? If nit, could we schedule a visit? Thank you. I have a soon to be four year old boy Owen.

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