Our Teacher

Katy Estrada1105300121

Katy is a mama to three children, who have taught her the importance of living in the moment and nurturing the magic of childhood. Before teaching and learning with her children, she taught elementary school. In addition to her NC Education License, she also has a degree in Biology and a minor in Agriculture. After her first child was born, she stopped teaching in a school, in order to stay home with her daughter. Since then, she co-founded and managed the Riceville Tailgate Market and a 12 family CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). These experiences increased her interest in gardening with children, which she incorporates into the Grow With Me program, along with other learning experiences in nature. She has also attended Kindermusik with her children since they were young. From their exceptional teacher, she learned numerous methods and strategies for teaching and making music with young children. Katy finds music, especially song, to be a powerful tool when working with children. In her home, they sing throughout their day and she naturally incorporates song into the classroom as well. In addition to playing and laughing with her family, she spends time crafting, being in nature, gardening, doing yoga, and reading.


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