Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween at Grow With Me! Not only is it fun to dress up, but it means that Autumn has settled in over our mountains and the ground is covered in leaves of many colors just waiting to be raked into a huge pile at the bottom of our slide. The last day of school before Halloween all the kids (and Ms. Katy!) dressed up in their costumes for the day. Everyone looked so great! Since it was Thursday, which is our painting day, everyone settled in at their places at the table. But, Ms. Katy had a surprise! As the children began to paint on their papers a special Halloween picture appeared! Our snack was in theme, too, with clementines made to look like pumpkins and each child was given a peeled banana half which they could decorate with little chocolate chips to make it look like a ghost. At the end of our day, Ms. Katy told the story about how the farmer decided to carve his pumpkin to scare off the hobgoblin from playing tricks on cows. It was a fun day filled with merriment and laughter. We hope your Halloween is just as joyous!











Caterpillars, Artwork, May Faire and More!

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Every day there is so much creative play at our little east Asheville preschool. This spring, activities have had us preparing for the recent Waldorf May Faire celebration that we participated in at Azalea Mountain School, getting our spring garden in the ground and honoring all the wonderful creatures of spring (including our classroom’s living caterpillar friends).

Besides all the painting and drawing and recycled sculpture creations, the children have also made and flown their own kites and made artistic stepping stones for Mother’s Day gifts (shhhh! that’s still a secret!).

On May 23, our school will have a booth selling healthy treats at the Oakley Farmers Market’s Spring Fling event. If you’d like to meet some of our families and enjoy live music, baby goats, a puppet show and children’s gardening activities at one of our community’s most kid-friendly farmers markets, stop by between 3:30 and 6:30 pm at the market located behind Oakley United Methodist Church at 607 Fairview Road in Asheville. http://www.oakleyfarmersmarket.com.

We still have slots open for fall 2013, so please let us know if you’re interested!

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May Faire on the horizon

Join us for May Faire, Sunday, May 23 2-5 p.m. at The Unity Center in Fletcher
•Live Music, Food, & Fun! •Crafting Activities for Children•Shop the handmade Toy & Craft Market•Join in May Pole Dancing•Silent Auction Benefit•Activities for the Whole Family…only $3/family

If you have something to donate to our silent auction, the proceeds will directly benefit our sweet co-op school, Grow With Me, and you will have an opportunity to market to a large group. Please get in touch with us by May 16 if you are willing to donate and we will happily pick up the item and any marketing materials you may want to accompany the display. Feel free to think outside the box…a few hours of childcare, handmade toys, & gift certificates would be big hits! And most of all, we hope that you will join us for the May Faire event!

If you’re interested in selling items in the craft market and would like to rent a table please contact Kate Reese,moonhawk38@yahoo. com.