Kindergarten Open House, March 25

If you have a 4-6 year old and you are interested in a kindergarten program that nurtures your child’s spirit and fosters a love for learning, we invite you to Grow With Me Co-Op Kindergarten’s Open House, Thursday, March 25. Our dedicated and talented teacher, Becca Lane, will be leading the class and you are welcome to visit between 10 and 12.

Class meets T, W, Th 9am-1pm
Location: Groce United Methodist Church, 954 Tunnel Rd., Asheville
Contribution: $175/month & Parents rotate as assistants in the classroom.

RSVP or ask questions via our comment section.

Curriculum Content:
This program is designed to incorporate philosophies presented by Rudolf Steiner, as are incorporated in Waldorf education; although, we do not follow this model only. Our program’s inspiration is in following values: Reverence, Repetition, and Rhythm.

Curriculum includes subjects such as nature/science, art, culture, music, fantasy and literature. We have developed a curriculum consistent with the young child’s dreamy, playful approach to life. We offer opportunities for creative and imaginative play, activities for manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination allowing the intelligence of the child to penetrate the fingers, and practice in developing language art and social skills.

Our mission statement:
We, as a community of young children and parents, seek to create a cooperative learning program that facilitates social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in a loving, supportive atmosphere. We will nurture a respect for self, others, and nature while providing a safe environment for our children to stretch their imaginations and to explore their interests.

Our cooperative teaching environment offers children a continuous thread of experience bridging school and home, fosters a deeper relationship between parent and child and helps families better integrate their child’s personal needs and interests into their school environment.


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