If Candlemas….

As the old weather rhyme goes…

If Candlemas be fair & bright,

winter will have another flight.

If Candlemas be cloud & rain

winter will be gone, and not come again.

If these words are indeed true, I am afraid friends that we must hunker back down into our cozy burrows and dream again about Spring.  We have had an absolutely stunning day today…beautiful sky, full sun, giggly children.  For SURE Spring would be on its way, right?

It is….the promise is lingering…Breathe deep.  Take it all in…live in the moment that we are being blessed with right now. 

Working on Treasure Bags

Personally, I would love to have a bit more winter (not stay-home-from school snow days…but cold, snowy days-yeah, on the weekends!)…..and I might just very well get my wish.

A little over halfway through the school year…halfway through the winter….

Weather forecaster I am not…but,  I am able to tell you how busy and beautiful it has been in and around the classroom since I have last visited the blog.    We have experienced snow-filled days, sick days, and even an entire classroom moving day!  There is promise held within us all;  within our children, our families, our togetherness…and it’s becoming evident how beautiful this experience together we are creating.   

Our Boys

The togetherness is what will carry us through….



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