Kitchen Creativity

Making the food is half the fun.

Making the food is half the fun.

Snack time is an exciting time each day at Grow With Me. Instead of the kid constants of crackers and veggie sticks, Miss Katy always plans a hearty cooked snack that the students can help prepare with supervised chopping (with child-safe choppers and small cutting boards), stirring, pourig and mixing.

Some days it’s steamed rice and veggies, other days it’s oatmeal with apples and raisins or a nice stone soup made from whatever’s on hand.

At least once a week the students share a loaf of whole wheat flax bread that they’ve helped mix and knead in the classroom. In this picture, the students are working with Miss Rachel to mix up a batch of yummy apple muffins to warm little bellies on a cold winter’s day.


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