The Return of the Sun

“While we can’t stop the earth from turning, we can choose to experience each revolution so deeply and completely that even the dark becomes luminous.”

Starhawk, in The Spiral Dance

Noticing and celebrating the rhythms of each day and each season are central to the heart of Grow with Me. The days follow the same soothing rhythm. Each week follows a rhythm of grinding wheat and flax on Tuesday, making bread on Wednesday, and eating our creation on Thursday slathered in peanut butter and sticky honey. We spend time noticing the rhythms of the planet. In the fall and early winter, we notice that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, until that longest night of the year, the winter solstice, when the rhythm reverses itself.

Each year, somewhere around December 21st, we gather each year to celebrate the returning of the light.

Lead by our dear Ms. Katy, we create a spiral of evergreen boughs for our ceremony. When our ceremony begins, as families or individuals, we walk inward toward the heart of the spiral, where we light our candle and then retrace our steps, spiraling outward, leaving our lit candle somewhere along the way to light the way for others. Here’s Katy’s description of the event:

With reverence we will walk a spiral created by the boughs of the evergreen tree, a reminder that life too is nourished by darkness. Through the darkness, with unlit candle in hand, we will walk towards the flame burning at the spiral’s center. The winter solstice and the darkest days of the year offer a time to embrace contemplation, to look within. In reflection, we will walk the spiral, each step bringing us closer to our own inner flame. At the center of the spiral, you will light your own candle and return out from the center of the spiral, placing your candle along the spiral. Together, flame by flame, we will illuminate the darkness and welcome back the sun!

Afterwards, with hot apple cider and homemade treats, we celebrate the returning sun and our community. Yum and hurray! Happy Winter!




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