Autumn In The Classroom

The north wind came along one day, 
so strong and full of fun.
He called the leaves down from the trees 
and said “Run children run!”
They came in red and yellow dressed, 
in shaded green and brown
And all the short November day
he chased them ’round the town.
They ran together, 
They  ran alone
They hid behind a tree.
The north wind found them hiding there
and said “No stopping please”
But when he saw them tired out, all cuddled in a heap,
he gently sang “Goodnight my dears, and now it’s time to sleep.”
-R.J. Weston
Autumn is in full swing here in our classroom. Leaf garlands and corn husk dolls adorn the windows, which showcase the vibrantly colored trees growing in our outside play space below. Children arrive bundled in coats in hats on these cool mountain mornings and shed them throughout the day.


Rhythm plays a most important role in Waldorf education, and that includes both a daily and seasonal rhythm. The “curriculum” involves bringing the outside world within our four walls- working with materials gleaned from nature and its seasons. So far this fall we’ve been apple picking, pressed apple cider, harvested and roasted sweet potatoes from our own garden, decorated pumpkins, collected leaves and preserved them in a beeswax dip, explored signs of autumn in the forest, talked of the preparations our animal friends are making for winter,  and enjoyed listening to stories and verses rooted in seasonal themes.




Our mid-morning snack also reflects the offerings of the season, and lately has included squash soup, roasted root vegetables, and all things apple. And as part of our daily rhythm, the children help with snack prep by peeling and chopping vegetables and fruits.

Below you’ll find a simple kid-friendly recipe for the roasted root vegetables we so often enjoy for snack during the cooler months:


Sweet potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes


Coconut or olive oil


Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Scrub veggies and peel beets. The adult can slice the vegetables into 1/4 inch slices and allow the child to chop the slices into bite-size pieces with a chopper like this one. Toss veggie bits with oil until coated and spread onto a baking sheet. Season with salt to taste.

Bake at 450 for 30-40 minutes, removing to stir about halfway through. Allow veggies to cool for 5 minutes before serving.

Bon appetit and happy fall!



2 thoughts on “Autumn In The Classroom

  1. lspratt76 says:

    Hi Katy! Laeo and I wanted to confirm that Gannon is on the list for starting in the fall with you all! I think that is what I remember but I wanted to make doubly sure. Thanks! Lindsay, Laeo and Gannon

    • growwithmecoop says:

      Hi sweet family,

      Yes, I still have Gannon on our list for next year. I will be in touch late winter/early spring, when we schedule our open house, as I would enjoy reconnecting with you all. Wishing you all well! Warmly, Katy

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