Winter: In the Classroom and Out

January has really delivered this year with it’s single-digit temperatures and two good snowfalls to date. Upon returning to Grow with Me after winter break, the children enjoyed a good romp in the leftover snow on the ground, while last week an overnight snow storm canceled school for two days.


Inside the classroom, the children have been busy learning about and exploring their five senses and experimenting with ice using salt and colored water in the playroom.




Outside, they discovered the kale in the garden was still growing even after the frigid temps we experienced as we ushered in 2018 (Ms. Katy’s kale at home did not fare so well!) They became a family of kale-loving bunnies and nibbled the cold-sweetened leaves. Often parents will find kale leaves tucked away in jacket pockets or backpacks.  It is a wonderful thing when a culture of healthy eating choices takes hold of a group of preschoolers and nibbling kale becomes trendy. Grow with Me reinforces choices such as these by involving children in whole-foods snack preparation and tending the vegetable garden.


Lately, the children have also been loving creating vibrant chalk drawings, taking turns scooting down the hill aboard the big toy dump trucks and pretending to be dinosaurs. Luckily most of the extremely cold temperatures haven’t been occurring on school days- but weather certainly doesn’t stop Ms. Katy and her students!


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