Rosie the Apples, Crimson the Leaves

Today we went to the Long Branch Environmental Education Center in Leicester, NC, to pick apples and look for signs of Autumn. Many parents tagged along as well as several smaller siblings. It was a GORGEOUS day! Once we had all arrived, we gathered in front of the main building to have our morning snack which is our weekly loaf of bread made by the children earlier in the week. Afterwards we all headed up the hillside to the orchard where we gathered apples to take home and for making yummy snacks in the classroom next week. Paul, of LBEEC, met us under the trees just as we had filled our baskets and told us the local Native American story of how the mountains and valleys were made by the wings of the turkey vultures. Then Ms. Katy told us Susan Down‘s story of how apples got a star inside to house their seeds. Afterwards we sang apple songs while passing around yummy apple pieces which Ms. Katy cut up for everyone. While we were walking back down the hill to the picnic tables to eat lunch we came across a friendly black garden snake. We left him to bask in the sunshine while we ate our lunches and said goodbye. It was a great day and we look forward to going again next year!

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Apple Picking

Today we went to the Long Branch Environmental Center for a day of apple picking. It was a gorgeous fall day and the dappled light coming through the trees was magical! After we had gathered apples to our hearts’ content, we sat in a circle to listen to Ms. Katy tell the story of The Red House with No Doors, No Windows, and a Star Inside. Then we headed down the hillside for a little berry picking, too. Afterwards we gathered at the pond for a picnic lunch before heading home.












Fall Farmers Market Fun

Last week our school helped the Oakley Farmers Market celebrate its last market of the season by hosting a popcorn and baked goods booth during the Market’s Harvest Festival.

Our parents made a hand-sewn banner and brought flowers and pumpkins to decorate the table.

The children wore costumes and enjoyed playing, checking out some farm equipment and goats and sampling fresh-squeezed apple cider while parents “mommed” the booth.

By selling homemade popcorn (with our own freshly-made butter!), leaf-rubbing notecards made by the children and mom-made baked goods, we were able to raise some money for our school and share the fun of a local community festival.

Welcoming Fall

Apple prints

Wee fall fairies.

Silks dyed with goldenrod flowers.

Our little school celebrated the arrival of autumn last week with a Fall Festival and potluck in the play and garden area behind the classroom. It was a lovely thing to see the children so happy and excited to celebrate the change of seasons with their friends and family members.

During the festivities, the children made apple prints using apples they had picked themselves during the trip last week to Long Branch Environmental Center. They also made some adorable fairies using fall leaves and acorns they had collected from the woods on the school grounds, and displayed in the trees the silks they had dyed using goldenrod flowers.

Before the meal, we gathered in a circle to formally welcome the fall season with songs and a telling and group performance of the story “The Turnip.” After everyone had their fill from the potluck table, the bright yellow silks were suddenly pulled from the trees and donned as gowns, capes and who-knows-what-else. Our children suddenly and mysteriously turned into princesses, dragons and knights, roaming the trees and field deep in their imaginary playworld.

There are still two openings in our preschool class this fall. If you would like to join the fun, please contact us!

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Today our Kindergarten class visited Hickory Nut Gap Farm for apple tasting, crafts, animal visiting and a corn maze. We also celebrated one of our students sixth birthday! Then we headed to Looking Glass Creamery for a short tour and visit with Tess and Vivi, the mascot goats, and the faithful guard dogs, Moses and Bella. After a run through the field with the chickens, we walked down the road to our of our families homes to have a picnic and play time. Perfect autumn weather and so much fun it was hard to leave!