Welcoming Fall

Apple prints

Wee fall fairies.

Silks dyed with goldenrod flowers.

Our little school celebrated the arrival of autumn last week with a Fall Festival and potluck in the play and garden area behind the classroom. It was a lovely thing to see the children so happy and excited to celebrate the change of seasons with their friends and family members.

During the festivities, the children made apple prints using apples they had picked themselves during the trip last week to Long Branch Environmental Center. They also made some adorable fairies using fall leaves and acorns they had collected from the woods on the school grounds, and displayed in the trees the silks they had dyed using goldenrod flowers.

Before the meal, we gathered in a circle to formally welcome the fall season with songs and a telling and group performance of the story “The Turnip.” After everyone had their fill from the potluck table, the bright yellow silks were suddenly pulled from the trees and donned as gowns, capes and who-knows-what-else. Our children suddenly and mysteriously turned into princesses, dragons and knights, roaming the trees and field deep in their imaginary playworld.

There are still two openings in our preschool class this fall. If you would like to join the fun, please contact us!


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