Rhythm of the Day

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One of the loveliest things about being a part of the Grow With Me learning community is the steady rhythm of work and play that each classroom day and week follows.

The children know that important transitions in the daily routine (i.e. moving from the classroom to the garden area, or preparing for snack) are marked by well-loved songs sung by Miss Katy and the classroom parents. Children join in with their own voices as they clean up toys or put on their shoes for outside play.

Everyone knows that on Wednesdays bread dough is mixed and kneaded, and every Thursday the bread they made will be eaten for snack. They even look forward to washing their napkins in the washtub and hanging them to dry on Thursdays.

Being able to count on this gentle rhythm makes school a safe and comforting place for our littles, and gives them the confidence to be bold explorers of the big, wide world.


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