I sat down to compose a post about the few remaining openings in our program this fall, but upon typing the title of the post, Openings, I found myself thinking instead  about the power and beauty in remaining open; in our hearts, our minds and our lives.   As I prepare myself, my family and our classroom for the beginning of our school year, I am also remaining open and holding space for the new children who will be joining me on this journey.  Though lists have been made; of supplies to purchase, things needing to be made ready, stories to tell, activities to do,  I know that the joy of learning and working with children doesn’t involve plans or lists, but comes when we’re present and open to them, to their spontaneity, to the wonder they see with their young eyes, to their rich, deep imaginations, to their needs.   That’s when magic happens!

Our program for 3-5 year old children begins September 4th.  We still have spaces available.  We hope you’ll spend some time reading more about our program.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Grow With Me also offers a Parent led Play group for 2-3 year old children on Monday mornings.   For more information, please contact Rebecca Lance at


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