We ushered in autumn at Luther Ridge with fellow Waldorf community members.  There were crafts available (wet felted comets and fairy looms), apple cider pressing, a puppet show and a circle dance to tame the dragon.  And Mother Nature’s concert of thunder and rain to play in harmony with the battle.  When the rain passed, the children enjoyed the puddles to the fullest.  Thanks to the friends who gave so much to bring a beautiful, magical celebration to us.  Blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “Michaelmas 

    • growwithmecoop says:

      Hi Nicole, thanks for your interest. We are not accepting any 3yos in our three day program at this time, but we are looking at possibly offering a class for 2 &3 yos that will be slightly shorter. This idea will be reviewed and details released in the next couple of weeks and I’m happy to have someone contact you with information then.

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