Limited space available

As we approach our class start date, Sept. 7, we are happy to welcome new families into our community. We do have some limited availability for enrollment. The Preschool class is still accepting girls 3 & 4 years old, and the Kindergarten class has only two spaces for either a boy or girl 5-6 yo. If you would like more information or would like to visit our space and meet some of the parents and teachers, leave us a comment and we’ll get in touch!


One thought on “Limited space available

  1. Sarah Haas and Kalliopi Salinger says:


    My name is Sarah Haas. My daugher’s name is Kalliopi Salinger. She is 3 years old. We just moved into Asheville and we are looking to get involved with a preschool. If you have opening please let me know. And if we can come a visit sometime. A friend of mine referred me saying that this is a great preschool.

    Thank you,

    Sarah Haas
    (607) 220-9139

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