Enrolling for fall-Waldorf inspired Kindergarten

Welcome!  We have enjoyed the Grow with Me Learning Co-op and are so happy to share it!  The Kindergarten program is quite special…we have created a beautiful space to nurture our 4 1/2-6yos in a magical way.  We are the only cooperative that has a strong Waldorf influence and we follow the Oak Meadow K curriculum, which does lend itself to preparation for schooling in many methods.  I think this class is the perfect solution for someone who is looking for a gentle transition to group schooling, who is homeschooling but would love to have support and community (especially with multiple children), who is interested in the Waldorf model and who wants this at a reasonable cost, who turns 5 after Aug. & misses the new age “cut off” for kindergarten, or who really wants to be present with their children in their learning environment without all the responsibility of planning & executing. 
GWM is a community of young children and parents, seeking to create a cooperative learning program that facilitates social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in a loving, supportive atmosphere. We nurture a respect for self, others, and nature while providing a safe environment for our children to stretch their imaginations and to explore their interests.

We offer a unique program with trained teachers leading the classes and parents rotating as assistants.  Quality programming, natural materials, invested caregivers, affordable tuition, and exceptional classroom and outdoor play space conveniently located in East Asheville.  We draw inspiration from the Waldorf model of education, following the values of Reverence, Repetition, and Rhythm.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays……9:00-1:00
Tuition: $175/month
Application fee: $25, One time materials fee, $50
Parent commitment:  working 3-4 mornings/month and serving on a committee
Email us at growwithmecooperative@yahoo.com or leave us a message in the comments for more info!

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